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Football is fair popular in Africa. Thousands of African fans follow the national league matches and international competitions. The most excited of them are betting on the winner at bookmaker’s shops. It is important to know the rules of the game and the peculiarities of the team in detail in order to get around the bookmaker and earn money in football betting. That knowledge will make a quality prediction on the result of the event.

Accurate soccer prediction — how is this possible?

Sports forecasts are made in different ways. We will highlight several categories:

  • Championship results predictions: who will win, who will be in the top three, who will be the best player;
  • the prediction of the promotion of teams in the championship table;
  • a forecast of the outcome of a particular match with details: the number of goals scored, penalties and red cards, the features of the goal, the time of the first or last goal etc.;
  • forecasts for nominees and winners of prestigious football awards — Globe Soccer Awards, Golden Ball, Golden Boot of the World Cup, Symbolic Team of the Year, Football Coach of the Year.

As we can see, the degree of detail of the forecast may vary, but each of them requires a careful assessment of different parameters. Both ordinary fans and experienced experts can compete in making a forecast. Sports analysts gather all the available information about the team, coach, tactics and previous results in order to be able to give an accurate forecast. The result of the match can be influenced not only by the direct skills of players and coach, but also by the situation at the stadium, the support of fans, personal problems of players, the status of the championship. Given these parameters, the expert can predict the outcome of the game with a hundred percent accuracy.

Real football prediction

Some African fans base their football forecasts on an emotional attachment to a particular team. Experts do not recommend this approach. In addition to commitment to one or another football player, club or coach should be considered when making a football forecast – look below at these points. #1. Organizational features of the tournament

  • the size of the prize fund;
  • how prestigious the tournament is and how successful it is for its participants;
  • how difficult it is to qualify for the tournament;
  • where the tournament takes place, the advantages and disadvantages of the stadium;
  • the number of fans;

#2. Game format

  • start time of the match;
  • the weather conditions;
  • who will judge the game;
  • at which stage of the competition the match takes place;

#3. Team composition

  • what place the team occupies in the standings of this championship, how the team progressed during the year;
  • whether the teams have a history of confrontation, what result it is, who is the favorite, in which tournaments the teams have already faced;
  • how important the game is to each team;
  • what is the immediate line-up of the team: strong players, a bench, a coach’s job, cohesion;
  • what emotional state the players are in;
  • how financially successful the team is.

With all these parameters in mind, football experts make accurate forecasts. Information can be obtained from the official online pages of competitions and teams, social networks and profile forums. A non-professional fan can also obtain this large amount of information, but to evaluate and correctly interpret it requires strong soccer knowledge and analytical skills. On our website you will find quality and thoughtful forecasts for football events made by experienced experts.

Which football leagues do we cover?

Fans from Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda will find on our website forecasts for various matches. Our experts cover national football and top world level competitions in terms of individual matches and overall tournament results. You will find the forecasts in the forecasts:

  • European national football leagues — English Premier league, Bundesliga, La liga,Ligue 1, Serie a;
  • international competitions — UEFA champions league, UEFA Euro league, FIFA;
  • intercontinental cups;
  • super cup matches between world champions.

Specialists make a forecast for this or that football event based on its significance, interest among fans.

How do our experts predict a match?

Expert analysts who are well versed in the world of soccer make forecasts on our website, know the rules of the game, the features of the teams. Specialists will not only predict the most likely outcome of the match, but also recommend a specific bet, which will earn on the forecast. The amount will be left to the player’s discretion, but the forecast will advise the bookmaker with the best odds, the most profitable type of bet. When making a forecast, our analysts take into account:

  1. organizational features of the tournament, its prestige, the size of the prize fund, the venue, etc.;
  2. team composition, history of previous meetings;
  3. strategy and tactics of the team: how fast the team starts the attack, are there any weaknesses in defense, at what moment the strongest player is included in the game, the team uses offense or defense more often;
  4. the success of the teams in the current season as a whole (usually the results of the year are taken into account, less often they are added to last year’s achievements);
  5. the ranking of teams in the standings table.

Often, the expert will additionally look through social networks to find out about the mood of players, what goals a player pursues in the championship, how the interaction between players and coach is structured. Football analysts select different events for forecasts, but they are guaranteed to get the forecast:

  • the final match of the tournament;
  • the matches for the high prize money;
  • games between the favorites of the rating;
  • important national football matches.

The forecast may include a general analysis of the situation in the championship and the possible consequences of a particular game, as well as a detailed analysis of the upcoming match, taking into account the behavior of players in tense situations, team history, often — insider information. When choosing a forecast of a particular expert, be guided by its rating on the website. It is important to pay attention to how realistic the forecast is, whether the master’s predictions have already come true, whether his comments are deep or superficial forecasts. Our experts are professionals, but each forecast should be critically evaluated before agreeing with the forecaster or choosing another outcome.

How to make money on football betting?

A quality forecast will allow a football fan not only to make sure of the outcome of a match, but also to develop a strategy of betting. Today in Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, many bookmaker’s shops closely follow soccer events and include them in the painting of the betting line. Football matches are of real interest to the Africans, so the odds on results are much higher than in other sports. If you are interested in the game, have studied the statistics of the teams and trust the forecast, it is very likely that the bet will win. A high quality football prediction will let you know:

  • the most likely outcome of the match is a possible score, who scores the first goal, the winner and outsider of the game, penalties etc;
  • the state of players and their features, which can be independently interpreted before the betting;
  • which type of bet is the most profitable and correct;
  • optimal odds for outcomes, forwards.

When forming a bet based on a forecast, remember that soccer is a dynamic game in which unexpected turns sharply occur. Even an outsider or a newcomer to the championship can suddenly break forward by knocking a potential winner out of the spot of honor. Always combine the forecast of an Expert Advisor with your own analytics, learn the rules of the game and the features of the championships. Pay attention to the type of bet you choose:

  1. LIVE bets will be suitable if you are a gambler and know how to quickly navigate the situation on the field. Such bets are accepted in real time, here the odds are higher, it is possible to bet when the result of the match is predetermined — in the last minutes of the game. At the same time, there is a danger of not being able to make a bet or make a mistake in the forecast;
  2. Single — preliminary bets on one event — are suitable for bettors who are confident in their forecasts and do not want to risk betting in live mode;
  3. Express — Combining 3 or more bets. It is not possible to bet on interconnected outcomes here, but with an abundance of football events, it is easy for African bookmakers to make an Express. The beauty of this bet is in multiplying the odds when each bet wins. Danger — if at least one bet is lost, all events are considered lost.

A balanced bet will tell you which type of bet to choose to make more money on your soccer betting.

Today’s match prediction in Africa only on BSN

We strive to ensure that you get the latest football forecasts for Africa in a timely manner. To this end, we closely monitor updates to the schedule of key soccer tournaments, including the popular cyber football today. With timely forecasts on our website, you can bet day in day out or monitor changes in forecasts during live betting. If a match is postponed, players’ condition or health changes, adjustments are made to the set of teams, we adjust the forecasts and make them even more accurate. Pay attention to the forecast date so you don’t miss the update.

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