About Us

At bettinglion.africa we aim to create a portal for sports fans. It gathers all the information about the best betting sites in Nigeria. You’ll find everything you need right away.

We created this site because we strive to provide the most complete and reliable data about the bookmakers in the country. You can make an objective opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of bookies shops. Then choose a bookmaker with the most favorable offers for you

Our main goal is collecting information, analyzing, and providing bettors with complete reviews of betting platforms existing in Nigeria. Reviews are regularly updated so that betting fans can find sites that fully meet their needs.

Our specialization

The website bettinglion.com specializes in several linked areas:

  • Football Betting
  • Virtual Sports
  • Fantasy Betting

We prioritize these areas because football in Nigeria is extremely popular.

So we want to help to immerse this positive feeling with accurate knowledge and analysis. On bettinglion.com we provide the following information:

  • Sports betting guides — help you make stakes wisely.
  • Best betting sites in 2020 — help choose the best bookmaker
  • Websites’ advantages — you can take advantage of all the advantages of your office
  • Best apps — you can choose convenient programs for the game on the go.
  • Best welcome bonus — we know how important rewards are for sports fans.
  • Today predictions — help you make potentially winning stakes

Our visitors receive a full range of information related to bookmaker’s shops.

Our rating

We collect our rating of quality bookies’ sites based on dozens of criteria. You’ll also find out with us:

  • How to check a bookie for reliability
  • What is worth to pay attention: applications, markets, types of stakes

The purpose of our rating is to provide you with the necessary knowledge for competent betting. We struggle with the lack of clear and transparent information on the Internet. We strive to provide clear and up-to-date information. Before placing any bets, please check out bettinglion.com. This will help to get maximum joy and profit from sports betting.

Responsible Game

We remind you that bets should not become a problem. They should be a pleasant pastime in the first place.

Please, keep in mind that odds at bookmakers play against simple bettors. The office must make a profit, and when the firm “makes a book,” it puts a certain percentage of earnings in the proposed rates.

Do not borrow money for betting. Don’t risk your lives and your family’s lives over gambling. You can increase your profits without excessive money if you have an excellent understanding of sports and betting strategies. That is why our mission as a portal for bettors is to provide the most expert guides and new information. With us, you will be a winning expert.

Our team

BettingLion.com is run by an independent dedicated team that aims to create the best educational platform for sports betting in Nigeria. We aim to help as many people as possible increase their chances of winning big.

The team’s overall experience in betting provides the most useful and valuable information. We provide you with practical data on all aspects of sports betting.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us.

Our project is aimed at making sure that every gambler has access to the cutting-edge slot offerings existing in the modern-day world of gambling.

Samuel Ibovi

betting specialist