Football betting odds

Football betting odds — compare odds on today’s matches

Football is the most popular sport, especially for Africa. It attracts both fans and players. The latter include both betters (those who bet on games) and capers (those who bet on sports professionally). Becoming a professional in football betting is not easy. Bookmakers devote the most time to this kind of game, tracking even the least popular events. Before betting on football, the African player must decide on his level of knowledge of the sport. It is impossible to win football without knowing the leading teams and players, and without understanding the game itself. For betting on football matches, it is desirable to watch them regularly. One theory is not enough to beat the bookmaker. Beginners should read the materials on how to bet on football matches. Here, as in any other sport, has its own specifics. At first, you can repeat after the experts, which are usually former footballers or commentators. But it should be noted that in most cases, they put a virtual bet, not a real one. Therefore, even an expert opinion must be analyzed and double-checked independently.

Football odds on today’s matches

On the one hand, it is challenging winning regularly at football, because bookmakers in this sport understand better than any other. On the other hand, given the popularity of football, there are a lot of bets and tournaments to play. To place your stakes correctly, you must understand what the match odds are. A betting odds is a numerical multiplier that expresses the probability of an event in a sporting event and includes the bookmaker’s margin. An odds stake gives the player an indication of the potential winnings in a bet. In any case, if you want to start betting on football, its odds are available today! And to understand them correctly, you should learn about the principle and types of stakes on football.

The main types of bets on football

Before making football stakes, the African player needs to choose the most suitable options for himself. Usually, players stick to a specific type of bet, which is always played. Let’s see how you can place a stake on football games:

  1. The outcome. It is the most natural and most straightforward betting type. The player has to guess the winner of a particular match or predict a draw;
  2. The score. This type of wagering is more complicated. The African player needs to guess the exact score that will end the match. Here the odds are always high, but it is also challenging winning in this mode;
  3. It is a popular betting type where you have to guess the approximate number of goals for an entire team or an individual player. The bookmaker sets his number, and the player either raises it or reduces it;
  4. Time-match. Also, a popular betting type, in which players have to predict the outcome of one or both halves;
  5. This type of bet is suitable for those players who pay special attention to the referees. Thus, the client of bookies website can predict how many cards the referee will show based on his statistics. The same goes for penalty kicks.

If a African player has decided for himself how best to make football stakes, he can start freely. But before that, let’s look at some examples of strategies for soccer bets from professionals. Specialists have identified some types of bets on which you can beat bookmakers.

  1. Bookmakers usually place high odds on a draw. It is due to the fact that none of the teams typically strive for a draw result. But a draw, of course, happens in matches.
  2. A goal scored. A typical betting type in which a player bets on the fact that there will be at least one goal scored in the match. As a rule, it works, but the odds of such bets are low. You can take a risk and bet on a particular player’s goal, but it is more difficult to guess.
  3. It is a little generalized point because there are a lot of bets on statistics. You can bet on the goals of teams and players, on the number of corners, warnings, offsets, etc. Before placing bets on football, it is better to spend time and study what bookmakers offer in statistics. Sometimes there are very interesting options in the lines.

Compare odds on football matches

An essential criterion for success in football betting is also the right choice of a bookmaker’s office. Several features need to be taken into account, which can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of betting. First and foremost, it is important to take into account the level of trust in a particular bookmaker’s website. To do this, you can read reviews and ratings using third-party resources. In particular, our website provides detailed descriptions of various betting offices. At the same time, independent experts who have no interest in promoting a particular betting service for soccer and other events make all assessments. An extremely important moment to pay careful attention to when placing bets on football is the offers of a particular office. Here it is recommended to compare the best odds for the same matches, assess the scale of the line, and the volume of the painting. Also, a mandatory criterion for choosing a bookmaker is the availability of its services in your region. If a mirror is available, it is also necessary to make sure that it works. Other factors that determine the choice of a betting office include the availability of payment systems convenient for you, acceptable commissions for payment transactions, and the precise wording of rules. It is highly recommended to give careful consideration to the loyalty program offers. Following these simple tips, you can choose the best betting office for yourself and make successful bets on football.

What explains the variation in football odds?

Watching different betting offices, you can see how they may have different coefficients for the same event. The main factor for these differences is the bookmaker’s margin. The term “margin” comes from the financial sphere. The difference between cost and price is called the margin. In other words, it’s a profit. Bookmakers always take margin into account when forming coefficients. The offices translate the interest received from the analysts into formula quotes. The bookmaker’s office necessarily lays down the margin — the percentage that they will earn at any outcome. It varies from 2% to 20%. It allows the bookmaker to always remain in profit. Bookmakers earn on each event. It is due to the margin. If the coefficients of the competing bookmakers differ significantly, then a difference is formed. In this case, the player bets on two opposite outcomes and stays on the plus side. Bookmakers carefully monitor the market for sports betting. They form a line to avoid the difference. The forming of the line is over. We see the betting odds on which the players bet. Someone deliberately overestimates their margin to reduce their risks and increase their profits, while others, on the contrary, attract African players with high football odds, working to increase profits by expanding their client base. So before placing a bet, it is worth carefully look at the bookmaker’s office, carefully study its coefficients and compare it with competitors. After all, your possible earnings directly depend on it.

How to compile football odds?

Sometimes novice betting enthusiasts have a question about how to calculate the football odds. That is how the betting office calculates them. There are some fundamental methods of doing this. Usually, for this purpose, the bookmaker hires a whole army of analysts who can calculate the correct odds. All their methods are divided into two types:

  1. The analytical ones. To calculate the probability of winning this or that team, statistical data is used. For example, if it is football, previous matches are taken into account — how many goals were scored, who distinguished themselves, whether they were scored at home or away, and so on. The same applies to any sport — the numbers of previous games of a team or athlete are taken into account.
  2. The sentimental ones. The adherents of such methods prefer to count the odds based on the opinion of specialists, pre-match news, etc. For example, shortly before the game, the leading player of the team had a fight with his wife, which means that he will play worse. Therefore, it is better to bet against his team. Beginners cannot easily understand how to calculate the coefficient using this method — it is not clear what data to take into account, so they most often use the first category.

Any bettor can take this information and calculate the coefficients himself. Beginner players are best to see how they will be calculated from professionals and learn. Look at what data they take into account and how they apply it. There are no single formulas to calculate the coefficients. The result of the predictions is the probability of each outcome, expressed as a percentage. It is how the coefficients are calculated. The ability to calculate odds and probabilities opens up new possibilities for the player to calculate values. Still, you should also know how much the bet will pay if you win. To determine this with the coin flip example, you should perform a simple multiplication operation. If you bet EUR 10 with odds of EUR 2.0 on what the eagle will drop, the refund on your bet together with the bet amount is EUR 2.0 x EUR 10, which is EUR 20 (this amount includes EUR 10 bets + EUR 10 profits). The ability to calculate the probability and understanding of the origin of odds are integral parts of the formation of a player because this allows you to calculate the expected frequency of the event (thus starting to form your own odds) and then compare the probability of future events received by you with the available odds. And if these two values diverge, you will have the opportunity to turn the situation in your favor and make a profit, which is the primary goal of any player.

Who decides the best football odds?

The response to this issue is pretty simple because the whole tendency is to ask the best. Although the bookmakers themselves set the betting odds at the beginning, in the end, it is the weight of the money bet on this outcome will change and correct the situation in the market, creating a so-called “effective market,” where the odds are a true reflection of every possible outcome of the match.

Why do football odds change?

If we have already noticed, we probably asked ourselves the question — Why do the coefficients change constantly? After placing on the sites of bookmakers, the coefficients are continually changing, and there are several objective reasons for this. As a rule, bookmakers put up lines on events a few days before it. This time is determined depending on the various sports and leagues. If the sport and teams are not very popular, the soccer odds for matches with them may appear a few hours before the event. It is also possible that bookmakers do not show the event at all as they do not have enough information about it. There are not many bookmakers who can afford their own “odds compiler” — that is, have employees and money used to analyze sports information and determine the odds. Specialized firms usually provide this service, and bookmakers get ready-made lines for sports events. In any case, at the time of publication of the coefficients, bookmakers change them. Each bookmaker sets its own margin and determines a specific betting model. Some bookmakers may underestimate the favorite or overestimate the weak one, while others may do the opposite.

Odds calculator

Using regular calculator results in you having to perform several dozens of actions to calculate one bet. The prospect is questionable and tedious, especially if you have to act quickly or choose to bet on a series of events from a multitude of offers. To speed up and simplify your work, particular sports betting calculators are used. Online betting calculators automate multiple actions and minimize the time for repeated calculations. These programs can be different with different functions:

  • They calculate the break-even point
  • Determine the margin of the betting office.
  • Calculate options for fork strategies
  • Collect a system of express stands, etc.

Among the online betting calculators in high demand are programs that calculate betting forks. To make a calculation, you only need to make a total bet amount and odds. The calculator instantly gives you the likely income and bet amount for each shoulder. The tool is indispensable for a live game when the road is every second. A great helper for bettors is the online sports betting calculator for betting on systems and Express. A popular betting calculator among players, which calculates the probability of the outcome of the event in percentage terms. The calculation of this parameter provides the direction of the betting line by the initial odds.

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