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UEFA Champions League

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Each country in Europe holds national football championships: La Liga, Bundesliga, Liga 1, Premier Liga, and others. The best teams in the national tournaments receive a ticket to the UEFA Champions League, the most prestigious football competition in Europe, uniting top teams in an effort to win a trophy and a reward of €19,000,000. It’s no wonder that the world’s attention is riveted on the qualifications, group stage, and playoffs of the UEFA Champions League. Nigerian fans also don’t miss League games: the matches are exciting, they bring together world-famous football stars, and bookmakers inspire high odds bets.

What do we know about the UEFA Champions League

The Champions League was called the European Champions League from 1955 to 1991. Since 1992 the format of the tournament was slightly changed, and the League move that we know today was formed.

The tournament is held in several stages:

  • 4 qualifying rounds — each team plays at home, and away, the winner at the end of these 2 games goes to the next qualifying round, and at the end — in the group stage;
  • the group stage — brings together the qualified teams and the teams from the national top divisions. The number of teams from each country depends on the size of the national league, usually from 1 to 4 teams.
  • The draw divides the teams into 8 groups of 4 clubs in each league;
  • playoffs — the first 2 teams that score more points in a group go to the playoffs (the team in 3rd place goes to the Europa League). The opposing teams are determined by the drawing of lots, the winners of ⅛ go out in ¼;
  • semi-final;

The winner of the competition, except for the cash award, goes to the UEFA Super Cup tournament and the World Cup.

This season 4 teams played in the Champions League:

  • England — Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur;
  • Spain — Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Valencia;
  • Italy — Juventus, Napoli, Atalanta, Inter Milan;
  • Germany — Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen;
  • 3 teams from France — Paris Saint-Germain, LOSC Lille, Lyon will represent the national division. In Russia, 2 teams went to the Champions League — Zenit and Lokomotiv Moscow. One team from Portugal — Benfica, Ukraine — Shakhtar Donetsk, Belgium — Genk, Turkey — Galatasaray, and Austria — Salzburg.

The most successful team in the Champions League in history is Real Madrid. The team took the trophy 13 times, and after 3 victories in a row in 2018, received the trophy for eternal storage. A number of other teams received the same honor: Ajax, Bavaria Munich, Milan, Liverpool, and Barcelona.

Barcelona and Bayern Munich are in constant confrontation with Real Madrid. The best players — Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Raoul, Karim Benzema, Robert Lewandowski, and others — take to the field.

It is no wonder that the Champions League is attracting genuine interest. After all, in addition to the bright spectacle of confrontation between clubs and players, you can earn. Bookmakers offer high odds on various markets; bettors make bets of all kinds on top matches and qualifications. To win, you need accurate predictions on the winner, the potential score in the match, the features of the game. Our experts, who collect all the necessary information, interpret it, and make an accurate forecast, help you to take advantage.

How to predict UEFA champions league matches

For a true forecast, our experts take into account the statistics of previous Champions League seasons, the results of the team in the national championship of the current season, the composition of the team and its motivation, features of the strategy and even the personality of the coach and leading players.

Elite clubs get into the Champions League, which makes the matches in many ways difficult to predict: sharp confrontation starts already at the qualifying stage. However, many factors have a significant impact on the forecasts.

Overall team performance last season

Season 2018 / 2019 was marked by landmark breakthroughs. So, Manchester United beat PSG and Liverpool beat Barcelona. In the semi-final, Tottenham beat Ajax. Such victories stunned spectators and experts, who predicted the victory to the favorites. At the same time, few people believed in the failure of Ajax and Inter Milan. This tells us that in the current season, we can expect similar results. You should bet on the victory of a clear favorite carefully; it is important to consider the mood and motivation of the team.

Two teams from Great Britain — Manchester City and Liverpool — came together in the semi-finals of the championship. This season Manchester will seek to snatch the championship title from Liverpool, but Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid are not going to give up. The pre-final matches will be truly eventful.

Foul and penalties

Red cards, substitutions, removals, and penalties can be an excellent market for betting. Players can and will violate the rules in a hot contest. Teams often panic or challenge their opponents frankly. We monitor the players’ behavior in previous matches and predict how they will behave in a stressful situation. We pay attention to how this or that player copes with the penalty, how successful he is under pressure.

The winner of the league

We base our forecast on the winner based on the team’s victories in the previous season and its position in this season’s national championships.

Liverpool has a good chance of becoming a winner again. It already has the titles of Super Cup and FIFA World Cup, and the team is also the leader in the English Premier League. However, the club is not strong enough in guest matches.

Real Madrid will strive to regain the cup. This season the team has strengthened its squad, now it is played by Eden Hazard, Luca Jovic, and Ferland Mendi. The team is in sharp competition with Manchester City and PSG.

The Spanish teams dominated the Champions League for many years, but last year even Barcelona could not get the main trophy. Its stellar line-up does not guarantee an absolute victory. But we should not ignore the new players of the club — Antoine Grizmann and Frankie de Jonga — strong and talented.

In the prediction of the winner, we focus on the results of previous matches, new acquisitions of clubs during the transfer window, and the composition of the bench.

Scored goals features

The market for an accurate score, goal time, and victories of the hosts is always very diverse. To predict the score, we rely on statistics.

And in the Champions League, the pan-European indicator of the advantage of victories in home matches is preserved. Based on the strong support of fans at home stadiums, teams win more often. In the season 2018 / 2019 — in 42.71% of games. Visit wins are also likely, provided there is a strong motivation. Last season there were 33% of games with this result. The teams played in a draw in 24% of cases.

A high title motivates teams to score more. Last season the average number of goals per game reached 2.93. More than 2.5 goals were scored in 57% of matches, almost 43% of games ended with less than 2.5 goals. The betting market “above/below 2.5” and this season promises to be successful.

Best goal scorer

Excellent betting market — the best striker of the season. Here comes Robert Lewandowski, who scored the most goals in the group stage. He’s as good as Erling Haland, Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe, Song He-Min, and Memphis Depay. We should not forget about Lionel Messi and Cristian Ronald, despite the fact that the players did not shine in the group stage, they can show a strong and persistent game.

The player from the team that plays the most in the championship is the most likely to be the best striker. Another important factor in our forecasts is the team’s consistency and the forward’s experience in national matches.

Our website generates forecasts for individual League matches and for general results. We base our forecasts on the statistics and line-ups of the teams so that your bet will be the most successful.

Where to bet on the UEFA league

Whichever betting market you choose, we recommend relying on the authority of the bookmaker and the odds. Create an account at several betting sites with high bettors’ trust and compare odds for the same event. Choose the most worthy one and make a bet.

In our forecasts, we recommend a bookmaker with the best odds and detailed markets for each of the matches.

Additional factors for choosing a bookmaker can be:

  • website functionality — mobile application, online broadcast, chat, fast download, user-friendly interface;
  • withdrawal methods, withdrawal speed, commissions;
  • availability of interesting markets;
  • technical support.

It is important to register and bet on the Champions League only with licensed companies. In Nigeria, it can be bookmakers with national licenses or sites licensed in Europe.

How to bet on the UEFA league

When you have selected a bookmaker, registered and funded your account, you can proceed to select an event. Focus on your own interest as well as current forecasts with a high degree of probability.

Choosing an event will take you to the betting line, where a detailed listing will present all chances and odds on them. Leading bookmakers accept bets on different markets:

  • victory, tie, defeat;
  • total;
  • foul;
  • more / less 2.5;
  • who scores first;
  • both teams will score, etc.

Check if the bookmaker for the event you have chosen to bet on offers the best odds.

Fill in the betting coupon and wait until the match is over to win.

Bets do not have to be placed in advance; most bookmakers offer pre-match or live bets. You can place them a few minutes before the match or live during the game.

Another type of betting is accumulators.

UEFA champions league accumulators

The cumulative rate is risky, but worth it if predicted correctly. The essence of the bet is to combine several chances into one. The winnings will be counted in the savings system. Thus, by placing from 4 bets on small amounts and combining them into an accumulator, the bettor can win much more.

The danger is that if you lose at least one bet of such an expression, the entire accumulator loses.

Unrelated events can be combined into the accumulator bet: team victory in match X, number of goals in match Y, more or less 2.5 in match Z, BTTS in match A, etc. That is why it is essential to have an accurate forecast of all the events you want to combine in one bet.

We offer predictions, especially for lovers of high winnings and more excitement. We create a betting engine for you, which includes the best odds and the most likely outcomes.

Only bet on the UEFA Champions League after you have become familiar with the detailed forecast, your own analyst, and carefully selected bookmaker.

Latest UEFA Champions League odds

Bayern Munich’s successful performance in the Bundesliga advanced the team in the ranking of possible Champions League winners. The team beat Manchester City as one of the favorites.

Today, the odds are distributed as follows:

  • Bayern Munich — 11/4;
  • Manchester City 3/1;
  • Barcelona 6/1;
  • PSG 6/1;
  • RB Leipzig 11/1;
  • Atletico Madrid 11/1;
  • Atalanta 14/1;
  • Juventus — 16/1;
  • Real Madrid — 30/1;
  • Napoli 66/1;
  • Lyon 80/1;
  • Chelsea 500/1.

The electronic calculation shows, as a percentage, which of the teams is the most likely to win:

  • Bayern Munich — 27%
  • Manchester City — 25%
  • Barcelona — 14%
  • PSG — 14%
  • RB Leipzig — 8%
  • Atletico Madrid — 8%

Napoli, Lyon, and Chelsea have the least chance.

The odds may change after future matches and the position of the teams in the standings. We closely monitor these figures and include them in our UEFA Champions League forecasts on our website.