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Spain. La Liga

La Liga predictions

Primera Division, also known as La Liga in the season 2019 / 2020, gathers 20 top teams from Spain, which will meet in a fight for the Cup of the country and access to the leading European football competitions. This season, the following teams represent the Division: Athletico Bilbao, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Celta Vigo, Deportivo Alaves, Eibar, Espanyol, Getafe CF, Granada, Leganes, Levante, Mallorca, Osasuna, Real Betis, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Valencia, Valladolid, Villarreal. The winner of the competition and the three teams following him in the tournament table will be eligible to participate in the Champions League. The clubs in fifth and sixth position in La Liga will receive a ticket to the Europa League. The two teams in the last place will be relegated to the second division of Spanish football. Spanish football clubs are known for their stellar line-up of players who shine at the world level. It is also interesting to follow them in the national championship. The Nigerians support Leonel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Unai Simon, Raoul Garcia, Lucas Perez, Antoine Grizmann. In the last two years, the title of Primera winner belonged to Barcelona, the team won the Spanish championship 26 times. However, the team is ahead of Real Madrid — 33 wins in La Liga. The top three closes Atletico Madrid with 10 wins. These same teams were second and third in the tournament table many times. In the ranking of European national football associations, UEFA Primera is ahead of England and Italy with 92 vs. 81 and 63, respectively. Such a large gap is associated with the quality of the game, the abundance of famous players, the number of victories in European competitions. It is not surprising that every year La Liga competitions gather millions of Nigerian fans at the screens and in bookmakers’ offices. Spanish football bets are exciting, and with detailed predictions and analytics, you can win with excellent odds.

How to predict La Liga matches

Making predictions for the matches of La Liga or the winner of the season is a serious matter. Besides the fact that football is an extremely dynamic game with a dramatically changing situation on the field, it is essential to remember: La Liga has some of the best clubs in the world, where the top players play. In direct confrontation with each other, they can show unpredictable results, even with a stable forecast. What does a quality football prediction include? Analytics on several keys:
  • the achievements of the team in the previous national football season, the position in the standings table at the moment, how the team shows itself during the championship;
  • the relevance of the match and the team’s condition with regard to international European and transatlantic competitions. If one of the clubs shows fatigue during the last games, the team should be given preference to its opponent;
  • the club composition for each match and the participating players’ behavior in the field, the strategic peculiarities, and tactical use, the performances of top players in the bundle;
  • the general tactics and strategy of the coach;
  • the game takes place on or off the home field, etc.
All the criteria can be found on the La Liga website, in the players’ social networks and profile forums. It will take more than one hour to compare them for the whole championship and each specific match. Therefore, for football fans from Nigeria, we have made comprehensive forecasts for the upcoming matches of La Liga and the possible winner. Our forecasts use proven statistics, insider information, and expert evaluations. Before making any predictions, you must remember that La Liga is one of the most successful football tournaments in Europe and the world. Comparing the average figures of last season, we can see 2.5 goals scored per match — not the limit for Spanish players.

The number of goals scored

The average number of goals per game in the Spanish championship is close to English and remains one of the highest in Europe. Last season 47% of games were played with more than 2.5 goals. Here is an even more catchy figure — 25% of games ended with 3.5 goals scored. It shows how effective La Liga matches can be and how exciting bets on accurate scores can be. Additionally, an Over / Under bet is recommended. Here the odds can be higher, and the clubs’ scores will tell you which result to expect. It should be noted that both teams scored in one match in 52% of matches. Bookmakers often suggest betting on “Both will score.” For matches of La Liga, such a chance can be very productive. Here it is worth remembering that according to statistics, the lowest probability of both clubs to score is in the confrontation between the top team and the team closing the table. The teams with the same level have the highest chances.

Home / away victories

A distinctive feature of La Liga against the backdrop of all European championships is its low percentage of wins in guest matches. Last season the guests won only 26% of the games, which means that only 1 out of 4 matches ended in a guest victory. As a forecast, it is recommended not to bet on the victory of guests, even if the bookmaker’s coefficient is attractive. It is better to choose whether the home team wins or draws (or double bets with such chances), here last season’s results are more precise: the home team won 44 % of the games, and 29% of the games had the same score.

Star players

We have already mentioned how important are the top players in the Spanish teams. Often all players, dangerous moments, passes revolve around one such player. Last season, 21 players scored 10 or more goals. This high score shows the importance of attacking and experienced players for the team. Take a closer look at the composition of the club and the behavior of the players in previous matches to predict who will score and whether the team will let them do so. The same applies to the chances for the best player of the season.

Predictions for the winner of La Liga

While the chances for the top four seem relatively predictable, the more interesting question is who will win the Cup. Here bookmakers generously assign odds, and the bet itself will cause real excitement. The forecasts must be based on in-depth analysis, to bet on the winner of the Primera Cup:
  • the composition of each club’s players;
  • position in the tournament grid;
  • possible substitutions and the team’s reserves;
  • the strategy of the club in the long term.
It is most likely that the competition for the first place will be again between last year’s winner Barcelona and the leader of victories in the history of La Liga — Real Madrid. Given the exciting signings in the previous transfer window, the forecasts for La Liga today suggest some real advantages. Football forecasts for Primera matches must be as accurate as possible and take into account many parameters. Use our expert estimates to predict the outcome of the game and make a successful bet on Spanish football.

Where to bet on the La Liga

Choose several quality bookmakers at once to diversify the coefficients and hedge against losing in one of them. There are several factors to consider when choosing a bookie:
  • The bookmaker’s reputation in betting circles, a Nigerian or European license;
  • having a mobile app, so you don’t miss a bet when you’re away from your PC;
  • convenient money entry and winnings, no bookmaker fees;
  • naturally — there is a market for betting on La Liga with a rich list of events;
  • the bookmaker accepts regular, savings and live bets;
  • there are bonuses or rewards for bets of certain types.
Today in Nigeria, you can bet on matches or the winner of Primera on the websites of VBet, MarathonBet, bet365, BetFair, and others. Forecasts on our website will present a list of bookmakers with the best odds on the market.

How to bet on the La Liga

Find a bookmaker with the right betting market and sign up for a bonus or free bet. Once registered, simply select the La Liga category in the sporting events, mark the event you are interested in, determine your chance, and choose your betting type. Most bookmakers will offer you to bet in several formats:
  • one event in advance or pre-match;
  • live betting during the game, often accompanied by an online broadcast. The closer the final game, the more likely it is to predict its outcome;
  • beforehand in the Express, when the bets are combined into one.

Primera accumulators

Savings rates should be negotiated separately. They differ from the usual ones in that several chances with different odds are combined into one bet. When all odds turn out to be winning, the player can get even with a minimum waste of big winnings. When at least one bet loses, all odds are lost. Such a risky bet justifies itself by calculating the winnings. Here the player gets the winnings for the first chance according to the classical scheme — the sum x odd, the winnings for the second chance are already increasing — the sum of the first winnings is multiplied by the odd of the second chance, etc. In this way, you can not only return the money spent on the bet but also multiply it significantly. However, the danger is also serious. In order not to lose money, the player must know precisely the forecast for each of the La Liga events that he wants to combine. We offer forecasts for all significant Primera games to make it easier for bettors from Nigeria to find analytics material. The forecasts on our website deal with the most likely outcomes of the matches that bookmakers will offer:
  • victory / defeat / draw;
  • double chances — win X or tie / draw or lose Y;
  • more / less 2.5;
  • the exact score in the match when the first goal is scored, etc.
Do not choose the option with the best odds, but with the highest probability in the forecast. Find the odds for the exact chance at several betting sites when you find the best one, fill in the betting coupon, and win.

Latest La Liga odds

Today Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia have the best chances to win the Spanish championship. The odds of winning these teams may change with time and the position of the teams in the standings, but few are currently contesting this list of winners. The odds for Atletico Madrid win are 18/1. Joao Felix may play a key role here, but Antoine Grizmann’s departure is not suitable for the club. The expert forecasts of La Liga predict a large number of goals missed by the club. The Barcelona coefficient is 4/6. The club also signed two successful contracts — with Frankie de Jong and Antoine Grizmann, which significantly increased the chances for the club to win the national championship even after losses in the Champions League. Real Madrid comes with a 12/5 ratio for the title, Valencia has the weakest ratio for the title — 100/1, but the forecast for the position in the top four of the tournament table is 6/4. The latest odds for specific La Liga matches on weekends or weekdays are always available on our website in detailed expert forecasts.