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Italy. Serie A

Italy Serie A predictions

The Italian Football Championship was first held in 1898, and the modern format of the competition was acquired by 1924. Since then, 20 teams have been competing for the title of the best football team in the country. By 2020, Serie A reached third place in the UEFA Football Association ranking, losing only to Spain and England. With 63 points in this ranking, Serie A beat both Germany and France. For Nigerian fans, Serie A is valuable and popular. Here play clubs that have entered the world top of the best teams, world soccer stars score unforgettable goals, millions of fans watching exciting and intense matches. Especially memorable derby — matches between teams from the same city. The most fierce confrontation takes place between clubs from Rome — “Lazio” and “Roma” and Milan — “Milan” and “Internationale.” The most heated is the game on the so-called Italian derby when the two clubs are fighting each other at the national level. Milan’s Inter and Juventus have distinguished themselves here. Since 2004, each club that came out in Serie A plays two games against opponents (at home and away), in total — 38. The team gets 3 points for the victory, 1 point for the draw. The club that scores more points becomes the winner of the championship. The teams that took the first four lines in the tournament table qualify for the Champions League, the clubs on the 5th and 6th positions — for the Europa League. Three clubs with the lowest number of points are relegated to Serie B — the second division of Italian football. In the season 2019 / 2020 for the title of Champion of Italy will compete AC Milan, Atalanta, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Fiorentina, Genoa, Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio, Lecce, Napoli, Parma, Roma, Sampdoria, Sassuolo, SPAL, Torino, Udinese, Verona. The current champion Juventus won the championship 35 times, Inter — 18, Milan — 18. Serie A games give fans not only entertainment within the framework of football passion, but also a wide range of opportunities for betting. Bookmakers in Serie A offer many betting markets, good odds on a variety of bets. The odds vary throughout the season, as do the betting markets. Some matches can combine up to 100 bookmaker offers for betting. Today, Nigerians can bet a minimum amount and get a bonus and win money in just a few clicks. To select the best offer and bet with a guarantee of winning, you must follow the expert predictions on Serie A. On our website, Italian championship forecasts cover the popular betting markets, bookmakers’ and odds reviews, and the overall position of the teams in the league table.

How to predict Serie A matches

The beginning of the season 2019 / 2020 was inspiring for football fans and Italian teams. Juventus, Lazio, and Inter Milan are fighting for the title after the games resume. Josip Ilicic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Pedro Galvao, and Romel Lukaku will undoubtedly prove themselves in the fight for the title of the best player of the season. Some championship matches, as well as the top four of the standings, will be exciting for the Nigerian fans. Bookmakers, experts, and fans make forecasts for the games and results of the championship, based not only on personal preferences. Predictions on Serie A are taken into account today:
  • the championship’s previous seasons results — the winner, the number of titles for the team, the total number of goals;
  • the matches’ statistics for the current season, the teams’ position in the standings table, the history of the confrontation between the teams;
  • the specifics of the coaches’ strategy and tactics — how fast the clubs start to attack, at what point in the championship the players lose form, whether the team can play under constant pressure, in what period of the match the team is more active;
  • the position of the top players, the nuances of their game;
  • team composition, abilities of individual players, injuries, character, and motivation of the game.
On our website, soccer forecasts Serie A combines critical points of analysis, information from insiders, assessment of bookmakers. Based on last season’s data, we have analyzed the main betting markets in Serie A for this season.

Number of goals scored in the match

All three last seasons of Serie A show an increase in performance. The championship bypasses all European leagues by the average number of goals per game — 2.96. In many ways, this high figure is due to the motivation of Italian players. All team members, regardless of the position in the standings, seek to beat the opponent at any cost. The highest rates in “more / less than 2.5” or total are likely to show derby and matches between favorites of the games: Inter, Milan, Juventus, Lazio, and Napoli. We recommend you to check the tournament table before placing a bet of this kind. There is a high probability that a market bet “more / less than 2.5” will be successful in matches between teams that are at the same level (at the top or bottom of the table — not so important).

The average score in a match

Five seasons in a row, the most frequent outcome of matches in Serie A was 1-1. It was repeated in 227 games. Last season, 11.6% of matches were played with a 1-1 score. From 2015 to 2020, 182 Serie A games ended with a score of 2-1, 171 games — with a score of 1-0. The statistics are not always able to bypass the unpredictable Italian football, but you can rely on these figures when choosing a betting market.

Home and away matches

44% of games in the season Serie A 2018 / 2019 were won in home games, 28% — away. The trend of home wins has been maintained for the last five years. Thus, in about 6 out of 10 games played at home, the team wins. Of course, this figure depends a lot on the team experience and its squad, but statistically, it can be taken into account in the forecast of the match.

Key and stellar players

Italian football also has a strong tendency to win the team when the top player enters the field. Pay attention to the team lineup, injuries of players previously received, at what point in the match the coach usually leads the most influential players. In our forecasts, we always take this point into account, because a star player is able to pull a team out of stress on the field.

The best team in Serie A

It’s one of the favorite chances for Nigerian fans. Prediction of the final results of the championship or the top four is based on the team’s motivation, its shape against the background of other European competitions in which it participates, the main roster, and potential replacements. The current holder of the Juventus title has already become the champion of Italy 8 times in a row. It is reasonable to assume that this season too, the club hopes to save a series of victories and get the cup for the 36th time. Besides, the team plays in the Champions League together with Napoli, Atalanta. Milan and Internationale play in the Europa League in parallel with Serie A. This year the experts are inclined to win Juventus but do not deny the severe opposition from Inter Milan and Napoli. Choose your betting market based on the highest probability of forecast, bookmakers’ analysis, and their conditions. An additional opportunity to predict the results is a computer prediction. The computer analyzes the results of previous matches of the team and provides a statistically sound forecast. In such a prediction, pay attention to the criteria that the computer analyzes. It must take into account not only the winning and losing statistics and technical details of the game, but also additional parameters. The more comprehensive the data coverage of the computer, the more accurate the forecast is.

Where to bet on the Serie A

Often in the Serie A betting market, different bookmakers put up different odds. In order not to miss the best of the offers, it is recommended to create accounts on several bookmaker sites.   Among the many bookmakers choose reliable, with a proven reputation. Pay attention to such criteria:
  • whether it’s a Nigerian or European bookmaker;
  • easy access to the markets with a mobile version or app;
  • entry and exit features, commissions and limits;
  • Serie A betting portfolio — markets, number of possible chances, variety of betting types (single, savings, live);
  • possibility to watch match broadcasts online;
  • bonus offers and free bets on Serie A.
Bookmakers bet365 and Paddy Power offer the largest number of markets. Optimal odds are Marathon Bet and BetVictor. In our weekends and weekdays forecasts for Serie A, we are sure to mention the key bookmakers and their odds on the outcome of the game. Take the opportunity to work with several bookmakers at once, but control the game budget.

How to bet on the Serie A

Most bookmaker sites are organized on the same principle. You can choose an event for betting and make a bet right after registration and depositing in a separate menu. All a player needs to do is find a link to Serie A, go to the line and choose a match or general championship results. Before placing a bet, always read several expert forecasts of the Italian championship to see the teams’ chances exactly. The bookmaker will offer several bets to choose from:
  • the victory of X1, draw, the victory of X2;
  • double chance — win X1 or draw, defeat X1 or draw;
  • total;
  • “more / less 2.5”;
  • in which round and which team will open the score first.
Additional bets are possible — penalties, handicaps, assists, substitutions, and deletions, etc. Choose the most likely chance, confirm the deal with the bookmaker in the electronic coupon, and wait until the game is over. A bettor can place both single bets in advance and live betting when the game is in progress. A complex yet exciting type of betting is accumulators.

Serie A accumulators

Accumulators will combine several bets into one. By multiplying the winnings of one stake by the odds of the next, Accumulators will be able to earn more with less investment. The danger of accumulators is that all potential winnings from losing at least one of the bets will burn out. It is recommended to ensure the bet or use the services of bookmakers who will offer early withdrawal or cashback to prevent a total loss. Use Serie A accumulators when you are sure of the prediction for each event, given the unpredictability of a game like a soccer.

Latest Serie A odds

Serie A odds include bets on the winner of the championship, the best player, a departure from the division, the results of specific matches. One of the exciting offers is the winner of Serie A without Juventus. Each bookmaker offers his odds based on the experts’ opinions, forecasts, and fans’ interest in this or that chance. Today bookmakers set such odds to win the Italian Serie A:
  • Juventus — 7/20;
  • Inter — 25/1;
  • Lacio — 5/1;
  • Napoli — 2000/1.
The last odds for the best player of the season are Cristiano Ronaldo, Romel Lukaca, Josip Ilicic, and Francesco Caputo. In the upcoming matches, the big odds will belong to live bets, as well as games of the clubs from the top ten of the standings. Read our current forecasts, where we necessarily mention the bookmakers with the best odds for the upcoming game.