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Germany. Bundesliga

Saturday 26th Sep 2020
2.54 3.46 2.81
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7.1 4.88 1.44
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1.43 4.78 7.7
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3.096 3.64 2.275
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2.315 3.6 3.04
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2.745 3.52 2.56
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Sunday 27th Sep 2020
11.5 7.4 1.22
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3.136 3.42 2.34
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Friday 2nd Oct 2020
2.435 3.52 2.92
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Saturday 3rd Oct 2020
4.2 4.24 1.775
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2.064 3.76 3.46
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1.24 6.85 11.5
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2.14 3.94 3.136
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1.34 5.65 8.4
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3.56 3.86 2.008
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Sunday 4th Oct 2020
1.712 4.04 4.84
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1.125 9.7 19
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Sports betting on European football is popular among Nigerian fans of this sport. Old traditions and professional stars make the competitions held in Europe exciting and memorable. In 2020, the German league attracts bettors’ particular attention. Football matches in Germany have resumed, heating up the main intrigue of the championship: Will the Bayern Munich championship title be retained once again? Or, will the trophy go to another favorite? Our website with expert, detailed and balanced forecasts will help the Nigerians answer the question.

What do you need to know about the Germany league?

The fourth of the best leagues in Europe according to UEFA estimates, the German Bundesliga brings together 18 teams from different regions of the country. Football clubs are fighting for the leading national trophy and positions in the ranking. Each team plays two types of games: away and at home. At the end of the season, the four clubs at the top of the tournament table go to the Champions League. Teams ranked fifth and sixth go to the Europa League. Two teams at the bottom of the standings relegate to the second division. The 16th place team goes to the playoffs, where it will fight with the second division best clubs for the right to stay in the Bundesliga. In the season 2019 / 2020 these teams fight for the title of champion:
  • Augsburg
  • Bayer Leverkusen
  • Bayern Munich
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Borussia Monchengladbach
  • Eintracht Frankfurt
  • FC Koln
  • Fortuna
  • Hertha Berlin
  • Hoffenheim
  • RB Leipzig Mainz
  • Paderborn
  • SC Freiburg
  • Schalke 04
  • Union Berlin
  • Werder Bremen
  • Wolfsburg
Since 1963, when German football was professionally embodied in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich has gotten the winner title most often. The club became the champion 29 times, holding the title for 8 consecutive years. Bayern Munich took second place in the tournament table 10 times and won bronze 5 times. Borussia Dortmund followed with a significant lead with 8 wins in the championship. Another nine-time champion — Nuremberg — lost the tournament last year and dropped to the second division. Such famous players like Philippe Coutinho and Robert Lewandowski are in the German Bundesliga. They are known for their playstyle, goals, and thoughtful attacks. The Bundesliga is famous for its fine-tuned financial structure. The clubs have no debts and enjoy a balanced budget. As a result, football fans are proud of it, too. Football fans from all countries support the matches of the Bundesliga. The German championship gathers up to 43 thousand viewers per game. This interest does not leave us indifferent. We carefully monitor the situation in the championship, the specifics of each team’s game, and statistics to provide a quality forecast for fans from Nigeria.

How to predict Bundesliga matches?

We need to interpret these data accurately for predicting the development of football events:
  • The results of the last season
  • The position of teams in the standings at the moment
  • Information about coaches, players, and referees
  • The importance of the match
Our experts combine all these data in their forecasts. Analysts of our site make forecasts for the overall results (futures) and the consequences of individual games of the German championship. We can identify trends that can be seen in 2019 / 2020 with the past season’s fixtures. Also, we make some recommendations on how to predict the matches of the Bundesliga.

Number and quality of goals

Following the Pan-European dynamics, the German Bundesliga increases the number of goals year by year. In the season 2018 / 2019, teams scored 3.18 goals per game on average, and almost 55% of the games ended with a score above 2.5. The market “above/below 2.5” will be successful, odds ranging from ⅘ to 2/1 this season. The top teams Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and RB Leipzig have already scored 73, 68, and 62 goals, respectively. The success of BTTS betting is also increasing. 59% of games last season, and this season ended with the goals of both teams. Bookmakers are aware of trends, so they set good odds on the market. An average of 22 — 24% of games end in a draw; the home team wins 45 — 43% of games, and the guests win 31 — 35%. We recommend betting on the home team’s victory and avoid betting on a draw if the teams differ in level in the standings. Sides of the same level may equalize in the number of goals, but a zero score is unlikely. Live betting enthusiasts will find the goal time statistics useful. German players often scored the ball in the opponents’ goal in the last quarter. 24% of all goals took place after 75 minutes of play. For those who want to bet on the exact score, statistics will show:
  • 173 last season games ended with a score of 1:1
  • 141 games — with a score of 2:1
  • 128 — with a score of 1:0.
  • This season scores 1:1 and 2:1 are still popular.

Team composition and top players

The presence of star players strengthens a team and improves the performance at the matches. The average number of goals in the Bundesliga brings it to one of the top positions in world football. When making a forecast, our experts always take strong players into account. The higher the rating of a forward player, the more likely the team will score. Players of the level of Lewandowski, Marko Reus, Timo Werner, and others passed the mark above 10 goals last season. You should not consider the stars on the team only. These things are important:
  • The work of the coach
  • The renewal of the squad during the transfer window
  • The coherence of the game at the tense moments
  • Injuries
  • The emotional state of players
Our analysts don’t ignore the club strategy. If both teams prefer defense, a bet on a high score will be unproductive. When the teams fight for survival closer to the end of the season, the number of goals and dangerous moments increase.

Forecasts on Bundesliga winner

A bet on the results of the German league may include:
  • An accurate forecast of the champion
  • A bet on the top four / six
  • A bet on the outsiders of the competition
  • Also, you can predict the best league scorer in 2019 / 2020.
  • A reliable prediction for a bet will include:
  • Team composition (substitutions, injuries, new players, top soccer players)
  • Club calendar (international competitions affect the workload of German players)
  • Team priorities (winning the international tournament, keeping the position in the Bundesliga ranking: first place, passing to the Champions League and Europa League, not getting into the second division)
  • The importance of the match to maintain priorities
  • Coaching strategy

The team position in the ranking for the last years

Today, Bayern Munich is the clear favorite of Nigerian fans and bookmakers. The team has won 29 times and has been holding the trophy for 8 years now. However, Munich has dangerous opponents who have already made it to the Champions League and Europa League. Also, these opponents strive to reach first place in the national division:
  • Bayer Leverkusen
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Borussia Monchengladbach
  • RB Leipzig Mainz
  • Wolfsburg
Also, Koln and Paderborn will play in the first division this season and can strengthen the current positions. Robert Lewandowski, Timo Werner, and Jardon Sancho can compete for the best forward award in the 2019 / 2020 season. We use the statistics of results to predict the best footballer. So, Lewandowski has already scored 25 goals this season; 14 of them were scored in home games, 13 — in the second half of the match, 12 — in the first. Timo Werner and Jardon Sancho show excellent results in the second half of the game on the home field; the players scored 21 and 14 goals, respectively. We constantly update Bundesliga forecasts for today. You can see all the latest matches statistics of clubs and individual players for the last 5 years. With the help of expert assessment, you can make a successful bet with the best odds from bookmaker.

Where to bet on the Bundesliga

Experienced Nigerian players bet on the German league with several bookmakers, comparing the proposed odds and markets. Before betting, one should compare the odds for identifying overvalued or underestimated ones, to choose the most balanced. You need to consider other factors in addition to the odds and the number of potential winnings:
  • The range of matches available for betting
  • The types of bets offered by the bookmaker
  • Online broadcasts with the possibility to bet in-play
  • Usability of services: simple interface, mobile application, quick money entry and withdrawal, online chat and technical support
One of the decisive factors is that the bookmaker has a license. It can be Nigerian or European. The main thing is that the bookmaker performs the service standards specified in it. Feedback from customers will help to make the sure choice. Pay attention to the speed of withdrawal, the availability of additional commissions, bonus conditions. Our experts include offers of top bookmakers in their forecasts for the Bundesliga, with a list of the best odds and the best types of bets.

How to bet on the Bundesliga

Most bookmakers available in Nigeria accept Bundesliga bets online. You can make bets not only on the website but also in a mobile version or app. You need to register on the betting site, confirm contacts, and deposit game account. A bonus can accompany registration for free betting on the Bundesliga. Be careful not to use the bonus if you are not ready to fulfill the wagering conditions. After registration in the sports, you can find the menu to select German football events. The Bundesliga will be represented in the line by individual matches, tournament results, additional chances. To place a bet, you need to make these steps:
  • read the forecast
  • match it to your own analytic
  • determine the winning result and type of bet
  • fill the online coupon and confirm the money transaction.
Most matches in the Bundesliga are on Friday or the weekend. Possibly, you will have several interesting matches on the same day. Keep in mind the timing and relevance of the bet. We will give you the Germany Bundesliga weekend predictions at the right time. We indicate which type of bet is preferable for each match in our forecast. The bettor can choose the right instrument:
  • A single pre-betting a few months/weeks/days before the game
  • Pre-match bet a few minutes before the start
  • Live stakes during the match. Bets will be accepted shortly before the end of the game
  • Savings bet

Bundesliga accumulators

Bundesliga accumulators are the most profitable among available types of bets, but they are risky at the same time. The acc bet is made in advance and combines multiple bets into one. The winnings are formed by the accumulation system — the winnings for each bet are multiplied by the odds of the subsequent bet. Accumulators include 4 and more events. Thus, the player can bet on the victory of the team, the exact score, corners, BTTS for different matches. This betting method allows winning more even with small stake amounts. Note that if at least one bet loses, the entire stake will also be lost! It can be dangerous for your money. You must be fully informed about each of the events included in the savings bet to be successful. Make forecasts accurately. We compile a list of matches or game events that are more likely to be suitable for a bet. So you most likely win it.

Latest Bundesliga odds

Odds for Bundesliga matches are set by bookmakers based on long-term forecasts, results of previous matches, and expert evaluation. They change as the teams advance or fall in the league table. Latest Bundesliga odds allow estimating the probability of some events in the German championship. The nominees for relegation from the first division are:
  • FC Koln — 7/2
  • Union Berlin — 15/2
  • Hertha Berlin — 10/1
  • Eintracht Frankfurt — 14/1
The odds for the best striker are:
  • Robert Lewandowski — 1/33
  • Marco Royce — 100/1
  • Ruven Hennings — 100/1
  • Gadon Sancho — 125/1
Chances of coming in the first place, not counting Bayern Munich:
  • Monchengladbach — 6/1
  • Bayer Leverkusen 15/1
  • Schalke 04 – 33/1
  • Hoffenheim — 200/1
Top four in the standings:
  • Bayern Munich — 1/100
  • Borussia Dortmund — ⅕
  • Hoffenheim — 18/1
  • Schalke 04 – 11/4
We keep tracking the latest updates and include all the factors in our forecasts for the Bundesliga. Predict events and select the odds carefully.