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France. Ligue 1

France Ligue 1 predictions

The UEFA Football Association rankings put the French national championship Ligue 1 in fifth place in Europe. The prestigious tournament, which brings together the best clubs in France to compete for the title of national champion, gathers millions of fans at the screens and stadiums, including from Nigeria.

Why Ligue 1 is interesting for Nigerians

The first professional French football championship was held in 1932 / 1933. Until 2002, the tournament was called France Première Division (France Division 1), then it was renamed Ligue 1. In Ligue 1 championship, 20 teams of the first division compete. Each team plays 38 games at home and away, winning the match brings the club 3 points, a draw — 1 point. Three teams, which scored more points at the end of the season, go to the Champions League. The fourth place gives the team access to the Europa League. The 19th and 20th place teams in the tournament table are transferred to Ligue 2. The oldest and most titled clubs in the national championship are St-Etienne and Marseille. St-Etienne won the French football championship 10 times, the last time, however, in 1981. Marseille won 9 times, the last time in 2010. On the heels of them comes a relatively young, but already thundering in France and the world PSG. Paris Saint-Germain became the owner of the Cup of France 9 times and won three last years in a row. Another Ligue 1 record holder is Lyon. The team became the champion of the top division seven times in a row from 2002 to 2008, inclusive. Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon are ranked 7th and 18th, respectively, in UEFA’s ranking of the best teams in Europe. There are only 25 positions in the rating. In the season 2019 / 2020 Amiens SC, Angers, Bordeaux, Brest, Dijon FCO, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Monaco, Montpellier, Nantes, Nimes, OGC Nice, PSG, Rennes, St-Etienne, Stade Reims, Strasbourg, Toulouse play in the French Championship. Ligue 1 championship matches are distinguished by an abundance of sharp moments, excellent performance, and the game of football idols, which gladly play for French clubs. Apart from the excitement of watching the matches, football fans from Nigeria can also earn money by betting on Ligue 1. Today bookmakers offer broad markets for betting on this championship and competitive odds. For betting on Ligue 1, it is essential to refer to the statistics and analytics of Ligue 1 matches. The more information you compare, the more likely it is that you will come to the right prediction. If you don’t have enough time to study French football in detail, please read the forecasts on Ligue 1 today on our website. We have taken into account all the crucial parameters and created a pool of forecasts for the most critical bets in the championship.

How to predict Ligue 1 matches

World football is constantly changing; some trends also affect the prediction of matches. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the number of goals scored last season, the tactics of the game, updating of teams and coaches, motivation of clubs. Our forecasts for French Ligue are formed, taking into account all the statistics of recent years, expert analysis and new trends in French football.

Match performance

In recent years, the French championship Ligue 1 has shown that the previously usual set games and matches built on the defense is a thing of the past. The tournament is increasing its technique and performance. In the season 2018 / 2019, the players scored an average of 2.56 goals per match. Experts believe that this figure will grow in 2020, due to the fact that the teams have strengthened the offensive line during the transfer window. In bets, we can safely give preference to the market “more / less 2.5”, the bookmaker coefficient is 2/1. Also, successful can be the market “Both teams will score,” here the coefficient is 9/10. Last season showed that half of the meetings were held with the exchange of goals. As in all European football and even with slightly higher scores, Ligue 1 teams are more likely to win home games (43%). Team victories in away games have dropped to 27.8%—28.9 % of games ended in a draw. As for the market with the choice of the exact score of the match, it is worth remembering that it is one of the most dangerous for forecasts. Especially if there are equal teams. The only thing worth mentioning here is that the most common result of the matches in the last five years was 1-1. It met in 13% of games. The live betting market for the goal interval can be popular with bettors this season as well. The French national championship shows: the most significant number of goals (23.8%) was scored on 75-90 minutes of play.

Team composition

In the forecasts, you must take into account in which lineup the team will take to the pitch and with what result it has played before. Even an outsider in the winning line can beat the favorite in the losing line. Predict based on previous game results. Do not forget that it is in the French teams play such football stars as Cilian Mbappe, Edinson Cavani, Neymar, and Alvaro Gonzalez. These players can have a lot of influence on the course and outcome of the match if they are in great shape. Keep an eye on the club’s news to keep track of possible injuries or suspensions of the top players. It is also vital for betting on the best forward in the championship, who will score more goals. In recent years, Kavanja and Mbappe have been among the best in the championship, taking the title 2019. Besides, the forecast for the top forward takes into account the team tactics and the game coherence. In our forecasts, we always remember the motivation of the team. The games for a place in the European championships and the leadership in Ligue 1 in the final of the season will be more effective than the games of the teams in the middle of the standings. We study the calendar of the whole football season. If a club plays in the European cup, it will be less motivated to win the national championship match or exhausted by international opponents.

Prediction of the Ligue 1 standings table

The betting market offers bettors to bet on the winner of the championship, the four finalists in European leagues, the two losers of the tournament, and moving to Ligue 2. The odds of such bets are always quite high. In our forecasts, we again refer to the lineup of teams, their star players and the latest transfers. We also need to keep in mind the reserve bench. If all strong players are concentrated on the main lineup, there is no one to replace them in case of injury. That will impact the outcome of the game and the position of the team in the standings table. The forecasts in Ligue 1 do not rule out the goals of the club. Focusing on winning in Europe, the club may not pay attention to the matches in France. Teams aiming at promotion in Ligue 1 have a better chance to grow in the tournament. Most often — not without sudden exceptions — the teams keep the positions in the standings they won last season. As for the leaders, last season, the top places were taken by PSG, Lille, Lyon, and St-Etienne. These teams will play in 2020 in the Champions League and Europa League. It is essential to pay attention to the position of the club in the priorities: the games in Europe or at home. Experts believe that PSG will not give up positions in the standings, but it will compete with Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Monaco, Montpellier, and St-Etienne. Forecasts on Ligue 1 today also offer to predict the champion without the participation of PSG. Combine the different chances offered by bookmakers and bet on French football based on the forecasts.

Where to bet on the Ligue 1

Do not stop at one bookmaker only. Today in Nigeria, there are dozens of bookmaker sites where you can bet online. Combining bets with multiple accounts is essential to balance odds and increase potential winnings. Do not register on all sites in a row, select the best ones according to the feedback of other players, ease of use and money withdrawal, broad market betting on Ligue 1. Don’t forget to have a Nigerian or European license. Most bookmakers will offer you bets on specific French soccer games and the overall results of the tournament. Among the most common chances with decent odds, we will single out:
  • the winner of the tournament;
  • victories without a favorite — PSG;
  • departure from the tournament and who finishes last;
  • the top three;
  • the best player;
  • match results — total, winner, double chances, score more / less, both teams will score. In match results, some bookmakers offer up to 100 betting options.
The betting options supported by the bookmaker are also important. Depending on your preferences on the bookmaker websites you can choose:
  • a single bet, it takes place well in advance of the match;
  • pre-match — the bet is placed just before the start of the game (the betting is completed a few minutes before the start);
  • live — betting in real-time, often accompanied by online broadcast;
  • accumulators — combine several bets into one to increase the cumulative winnings.

Ligue 1 accumulators

If you have not yet formed a savings bet, take advantage of this chance at Ligue 1. A bettor can combine 3 or 4 bets into one and win more. For example, you have combined 4 stakes of $4 with odds A, B, C, D. The first win will be 4xA, the second will be (4xA)xB, the third will multiply the amount of the second win by your odds, etc. So, the minimum amount is formed a rich winning. Here are also the risks of accumulators. If you lose at least one bet, the previous winnings are annulled. It is vital to predict the bets that you are pooling to prevent this from happening. Today, we make selections specifically for these bets, which combine the best of your selections with the most predicted results. Choose a bookmaker based on their reliability as well as the recommendations in your Ligue 1 forecast. As a rule, they contain a list of sites with the best odds.

How to bet on the Ligue 1

It’s easy to put on Ligue 1. Sign up with your bookmaker, top up your betting amount, and move on to choosing your chances based on the predictions. Bookmakers usually bring major national championships such as Ligue 1 to certain menu categories. Here you can select general tournament results or individual matches. After redirection to the betting line, select the suitable and most likely outcome, click on its odds, and fill in the electronic coupon. Be careful when filling it out. Once the coupon has been sent, you cannot cancel the bet. Now you have to wait until the game is over and get your winnings. Use the extra features that the bookmaker offers. Often you can form bookmakers in one click, bet in live in parallel with the online broadcast, bet through a mobile gadget.

Latest Ligue 1 odds

Most often, bettors are interested in the odds that bookmakers bet on the winner of the tournament. Today bookmakers regard the chances of the champion as follows:
  • PSG — 0/1.
  • Marseille — 66/1.
  • Lille — 200/1.
  • Lyon — 300/1.
  • Coefficients per top three:
  • Marseille — 1/12;
  • Lille 8/11;
  • Rennes 5/4;
  • Lyon 9/1.
It is worth remembering that the odds will vary depending on the course of the championship and the betting format. The odds are influenced by the results of recent games, injuries of players, coaches’ statements. For example, the odds of winning X will increase if Y loses the best player due to an injury. Latest Ligue 1 odds are always published in the forecasts for individual matches. As a rule, the experts will give the best odds of betting offices and recommend the type of bet that will win.