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England. Premier League

England Premier League Predictions

The popularity of the English Premier League in the UK and around the world, including Nigeria, is determined by the high quality of the game shown by the teams, the interest of sponsors and fans who are committed to one or more English teams that consistently perform well. Match broadcasts today garner over 4 billion hits, and football fans bet much more on the Premier League than on national championships in Germany, Italy, or France. Premier League matches are characterized by high dynamics, memorable attacks, and a variety of coaching strategies and tactics. The question for the Nigerian fans of this championship is how to predict the results of the matches to make a successful bet.

How to predict Premier League matches

Each of the 20 teams participating in the Premier League plays 38 games. The results of these games determine the winner, who will gain more points. The clubs from the second and third place in the tournament table go to the Champions League, the fourth and fifth place — to the Europa League. To predict the results of the season and to place a bet on time to win, a forecast based on the general statistics of the championship, assessment of the composition of teams, and coaching work, breakthrough opportunities for outsiders help. In the history of the championship since 1992, Manchester United became the champion of the most significant number of times, the team has 13 times held a leading position in the standings table. Behind it, the Chelsea club, with 4 victories, and Arsenal, with three cups, were placed by a significant margin. Last season’s winner Manchester City scored 95 goals against the opponent, averaging 2.5 goals per match. Liverpool’s figures are slightly less — 2.3 goals per game. In the season 2018/2019, the success of the bet “above 2.5 goals” showed itself in 53% of games. This season, experts do not rule out the repetition of equally saturated matches and recommend bets with such an outcome. The trend in the success of the outcome “Both teams will score” will remain. The betting odds on the exact result of the game will also grow. Also, bookmakers offer over 200 markets for betting on Premier League matches. Among them, most are represented:
  • results of individual games: victory — defeat, more / less 2.5 goals, forwards;
  • forecast accuracy;
  • who will be in the top three according to the results of the championship / who will take the first place;
  • the best scorer;
  • the best goalkeeper.
In order to decide on the betting market and win, you need an accurate expert forecast. This will allow you to prepare for your bet:
  • to choose the most likely chances with a high odds bet;
  • to find the best bookmaker;
  • to compile multiple bets into one if this will allow more bets to win.
A quality betting for an English Premier League bet must include:
  • the team composition, players’ physical and psychological conditions. If you are a fan of the club, but the players do not show any results during the championship, it is better to choose the option to tie or win the opposing team. When selecting a long-term bet on the best player, it is essential to consider his performance last season;
  • the team position in the standings table. The competition favorite is more likely to win, taking into account related factors: transfers, player substitutions, the mood of the players to win and entering other European leagues;
  • a comparison of the odds offered by the betting offices. If this is not included in the forecast, visit the leading betting offices in Nigeria that accept betting on the Premier League and check the odds yourself. This will give you an idea of how professional bookmakers evaluate the chances of the team.
In order to create a forecast, the expert relies on the analysis of previous team results, insider information, and his own idea of the upcoming game. Trust the forecasts, but double-check the game statistics yourself, relying not on one, but on several expert opinions. Such figures for the season 2018 / 2019 can be useful in predicting the result:
  • teams have won at home in 48% of cases;
  • guests have gained 38% of games;
  • the draw is 19%;
  • BTTS — 51% when both teams scored (not to be confused with a draw: both sides scored with the score 2-1);
  • more than 2.5 goals were scored in 54% of cases;
  • most often — in 193 games — the exact outcome was a draw with the score 1-1, less often — 185 times — the exact score was 1-0;
  • most of the goals were scored in the second half.
Please note that the numbers compared to previous seasons tend to increase. The total number of goals scored and the percentage of wins at home and away has increased, while the rate of draws has fallen sharply (19% vs. 26% in 2017 / 2018). Our website specialists have compiled premier league predictions today, as well as insider materials with in-depth analysis for accurate rates, conducted and potential transfers, injuries, and mood of players in the context of how it affects and the game. Take a closer look at the current and last season statistics, read several expert forecasts, and select a betting company with the best odds and conditions in Nigeria.

Where to bet on the Premier League

When you have agreed with the experts or have made your own predictions about the game or the result of the championship, you can start choosing a bookmaker. Today in Nigeria, there are both licensed and bookmakers without a government license. Among them, a company should be selected, taking into account several important factors:
  • the reliability and reputation of the bookmaker;
  • the ease of use of the online site, the availability of a mobile application;
  • the number of EPL betting markets available. Here the leader can be called Bet365. The bookmaker presented more than 120 markets in major matches of the Premier League. There are 110 markets at Paddy Power, about 100 offer BetVictor and Betfair;
  • the highest EPL odds;
  • availability of commissions for deposit and withdrawal of money;
  • registration bonus or bonus offers to bet on the Premier League. Today, BetVictor, Bet365, and Betfair offer free first deposit bets;
  • whether the statistics of past matches are given for your analyst;
  • whether the bookmaker offers live bets or accumulator bets, online broadcasts.
It is also worth considering whether the bookmaker offers a cashback, what is the return rate of lost money, whether it is possible to increase it in the loyalty program. Read the reviews of other bettors and place bets in one or more companies.

How to bet on the Premier League

To bet on an EPL and win, follow the general guidelines:
  • Only gamble if you are sure of the prediction, check the predictions of different Expert Advisors and view Premier League statistics on the Championship or BBC website;
  • find the most suitable market for you and specialize in betting on it;
  • place your bets sequentially;
  • record each bet and the winnings (if no bets have been placed, you may have chosen a wrong market or a weak market);
  • create accounts in different betting offices, choose the best bet from the ones offered for the most likely outcome.
When forming a bet, take into account the trust rating of the bookmakers to this or that team and its results. It is always reflected in the offered odds. Please note that high odds are the most frequently predicted odds for Saturday. To bet on football in the Premier League, register on the bookmaker’s website. This way, you will be guaranteed to get a bonus and win. If possible, download the mobile application, and you can put it anywhere in the country and abroad. Visit the menu with a selection of events and choose a category with Premier League matches. By clicking on the bookmaker’s website, you will be redirected to the line of all upcoming events from the championship, on which bets are accepted. You can bet on an interesting match already here or follow the link with the team names to the detailed event line. The line will contain the main results of the game as well as special ones:
  • victory or loss of the team;
  • total match;
  • double chances — X1 or draw, X2 or draw, X1 or X2;
  • score more / less 2.5;
  • BBTS;
  • authors of goals;
  • Asian handicap;
  • penalty kick;
  • assists, etc.
Choose an outcome factor you are sure of and fill in the betting coupon. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account. You can bet in several formats in the Premier League:
  • a single pre-betting;
  • live betting;
  • accumulator bets on multiple events.
A pre-betting is for one event a few days/weeks or even months before it starts. In single stakes, the odds are not always high, but it is possible to pick up an important event to which bookmakers will warm up their interest using high odds. If you are sure of the prediction, the single will allow you to play without high risk. Live betting is suitable for betters who want to feel the maximum excitement, but at the same time are able to assess the changing balance of forces on the field and accurately bet. For live betting is recommended to use the most current forecasts that take into account the state of the teams just before the game, the possible change of tactics, the impact of previous events, and new injuries. A unique bet that will allow you to earn much more — is an accumulator.

Premier League accumulators

Accumulator (or acc) is a stake that is formed of several options, usually from 4 or higher. All options in the battery must win. In this case, the size of the bet is multiplied by the odds, and then the total income is multiplied by the second odds and so on. If you lose at least one bet, all the winnings are forfeited. The more chances are included in the accumulator, the greater the winnings will be, but the loss can also be significant. Premier League accumulators are particularly popular with soccer fans. This way, bettors can make several low odds bets, but they can also win big sums. In addition, such a bet is very gambling, tensions, and increases the pleasure of winning. It is enough to fix in one coupon all the chances of interest and confirm the bet, to make an accumulator. As a rule, bookmakers’ sites offer a special button-link, which will help to fix all the events in the accumulator in one coupon. Some bookmakers also allow you to combine previously made single bets into a savings bet. To determine how to place a savings bet with your bookmaker, read the betting rules. Some bettors prefer this type of bet because it allows you to get a real jackpot even from a minimum bet. However, accurately predicting a whole series of wins for such a win can be very difficult or simple luck independent of the bettor’s skill. Experienced experts make predictions on batteries of different types. The best way to win with this bet is to collect as much information as possible on the events that are included in the accumulator. Here you need quality forecasts on EPL. Keep in mind the high risks when creating an accumulative bet. Limit the amount you are willing to lose. To reduce the amount of loss, we advise you to use the early withdrawal of funds. It is offered by some bookmakers to help bettors save some of their money.

Latest Premier League Odds

In order to place a bet on time, you need to be guided by the latest odds offered by bookmakers. The figures depend on the bookmaker’s expert opinion, forecasts, and risk factors. Today one of the most interesting and popular betting positions remains “Who will be in the top four.” According to the latest data, the teams’ chances are distributed in this way:
  • Manchester City — 1/250;
  • Leicester — 1/6;
  • Chelsea — 4/9;
  • Manchester United — 7/4;
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers — 5/1;
  • Tottenham Hotspur 20/1;
  • Sheffield United 50/1;
  • Arsenal 100/1.
It should be noted that the chances can and will change depending on the developments in the championship. If the experts have few doubts about the first place today, the exact bet on the 2nd — 10th places can be dangerous: it is not clear yet how the teams will fight for the top positions in the tournament table. The last odds for the best EPL player today are as follows:
  • Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) — 7/2;
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal) — 9/2;
  • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) — 5/1;
  • Sadio Mané (Liverpool) — 16/1;
  • Danny Ings (Southampton) — 12/1; Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal) — 9/2; Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) — 5/1; Sadio Mané (Liverpool) — 16/1.
  • Jamie Vardy (Leicester City) — 13/8;
  • Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) — 14/1.
As analysts and bookmakers predict, the main battle will unfold between last year’s favorites: Salah, Mané, Aubameyang. Bookmakers also regulate the coefficients for each individual match in the English Premier League. In order to understand how adequate they are, it is necessary to regularly compare the latest coefficients at the top bookmakers, as well as check with the forecasts of experts. Football and the English Premier League are popular in Nigeria, where fans of the game can earn in bets on the winner of the championship. For a successful betting transaction and winnings, the bettor needs to keep a close eye on the predictions for EPL games, critically evaluate odds and offers for cumulative bets, select a reliable bookmaker with sobriety, and the most likely outcome of the match.