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On our website, you will find football betting tips from experienced professionals. Our specialists have been observing and analyzing the most popular sport on Earth for a long time. We know more than anyone does how important football is for Nigeria fans. That’s why our team of experts seeks to predict sports events as accurately as possible. We update our website on a daily basis. Here you will find the most up-to-date information on your favorite teams and leagues.

Our goal is to provide you with as much objective data and forecasts as possible so that you can make winning bets. That’s why on our website you will find not only ready-made forecasts, but also instructions on how to make a good one by yourself.

Read the article below for tips on how to analyze football teams and a detailed review of our tips.

3 tips before making your football betting tips

The main goal of each bettor is to choose the most profitable stake. You will be 100% able to do so, if you perform simple actions:

  • Keep an eye on your favorite teams’ meetings and the football championships
  • Follow the principles of forecasting
  • Cross-analyze forecasts and tips from different experts

As Nigerians watch favorite leagues and clubs without missing a single match, most bettors already have a reliable basis for correct prognosis — many hours of watching events. All is needed to combine this base with some knowledge of statistics, and forecasting principles.

Let us note some basic rules from our experts for accurate betting tips.

  1. Study team motivation
  2. Read the news to know the form of the teams
  3. Analyze the special abilities of teams
  4. Excessive emotions only hurt the cause.

Tip #1: Study Team Motivation

Motivation is, in principle, important in any field of activity. In football sport, if the team has good internal and external drives, they can perform better. Here are examples of different incentives to win the match:

  • The importance of the event — for example, a victory is required to avoid relegation to a lower league
  • The size of the prize money for winning the match. For example, in 2019, Liverpool impressively won the Champions League. The club received a total of more than 110 million euros for this.

Although other factors also affect the performance:

  • Replacing the actor with a substitute player
  • Buying a new football player in the transfer window
  • Change of coach
  • Number of injured on the team
  • Positive/negative mood in the management

In modern football, a player must be set up for positive and victory. And we often see small teams beating the favorites because they were more solid and optimistic. For example, this happens in national cups. It is a great opportunity for small clubs to reach the top, maybe even go to a higher league. So they are motivated!

Another example is the feature of Nigerian football: no one wins away games. For were. For 15+ years the trend dominates — home teams are invulnerable. Winning away games is about 5% each season. The reason is, home teams are better motivated usually.

By the way, in the English Premier League the away win frequency is higher, about 30%. And if we watch World Cup or European championships, we know for sure: weaker teams traditionally show impressive results in the finals. This is because of the strong motivation to win.

Dozens of big and small factors affect the performance of a football club. It is impossible to take into account all 100% of events, because we are not prophets. But we can try to take into account most of them. We will learn about most of the influencing factors from the news.

Tip #2: Read the news to know the form of the teams

Be sure to read all the news about football. Especially pay attention to news that is related to your favorite clubs. You are going to bet on them, ba?

One of the most successful strategies (when applied correctly) is to place your bets at the last moment, as soon as important news appears. During the tournament, players get injured, disqualified, transferred to the bench. All of this has a big impact on the outcome of the matches. Especially if the team lacks depth in its offensive and defensive moves after all these events.

Analyze how a club without key players performs. And if you hear the news that there will be no actors in the main XI, think how you can beat that in a good bet.

The news helps you understand what form the team is in now:

  • You will find out how many home and away wins there are behind the current squad
  • What’s the mood of the players before the upcoming match?
  • What are the key mistakes or advantages of the current team, and more

Tip #3: Analyze the special abilities of teams

By watching football, you gather same statistic information. Let’s say your favorite team is better at home or away. Or it doesn’t have many good players, which heralds mid-season difficulties. You also know that specific two teams are more likely to meet certain results: one wins more often.

All your knowledge should be brought together in a single analytical picture. Trends have a tendency to repeat themselves. If you notice any patterns, it is more likely that they will be repeated this time too.

For example, in derby matches, the popular opinion is that “the form of the team does not matter”. It really doesn’t. Whatever the shape of the team in the matches Milan vs Inter, or Manchester United vs Manchester City, the outcome is still predictable.

What types of football tips do we offer?

We provide a variety of best betting tips. We update them regularly. That’s why you get the most up-to-date football tips for the teams and leagues you are interested in.

You will find a collection of free betting tips types with different goals and characteristics. Below you will find brief descriptions for better navigation. This way, you will quickly understand which bet is best to choose for the upcoming match. To learn more about the types of free betting tips, go to the corresponding pages.

Accumulator Tips

Usually such bets include 4 events or more. You have to select a number of teams or matches and all of them must win. Our experts will select the most likely event based on the calculations. Therefore, a single bet may include Overs or Unders, Win To Nil, Handicaps, etc.

The accumulator may contain events from one or more leagues in the world. Our experts make them up based on long-term statistics of football teams. After all, it is in our interest that the accumulator wins — the more accuracy is, the higher the player’s profit.

Both Teams To Score Tips

This bet can be made with many options, but it is easier to work with markets such as Match Result or Over 2.5 Goals. You need to know this to make a good forecast:

  • The attacking style of the two teams
  • Defense style and abilities
  • Presence / absence of key players
  • History of meetings

Over 2.5 Goals Tips

This option is considered a straightforward bet with high chances. It doesn’t matter who wins, what the exact score is, etc. You just have to guess what the total number of goals scored will be — less or more than the agreed value. Although, you should know what style of play and how high the performance of the participants in the match is.

This bet is suitable for players who appreciate safe strategies. It should be noted that a successful bettor is not the one who makes big bets, but the one who minimizes costs. Safe strategies have a strong influence on your income in the long run.

Correct Score Tips

The exact score, on the other hand, is a very difficult bet. No dundee united in this bet! You have to be a football pro to guess exactly how the match will end. Our experts have spent many years analyzing soccer events. We will provide the most accurate forecasts for those wishing to win this bet.

Anytime Goalscorer Tips

It’s one of the relatively simple sure betting tips. You should know which players are the most successful this season. If a player has scored a goal in several games in a row, he will probably score in the following games as well.

You should also pay attention to the class of participating clubs. If the famous forward comes on the pitch against a team with a weak defense, you should wait for double or even hat-trick in this match. Say, you should expect a lot from Odion Ighalo at Manchester United, where he works from January 31, 2020, on the loan. Maybe he is over 30 now (a little), but he remains in great shape.

Bet of the Day

Our experts offer the best soccer tips today on a daily basis. It can be a single or accumulator bet, on any league in the world. The main thing is that it gives you the greatest confidence that you will win.

You can check the availability of such bets every day. These are absolutely free football tips for today.

In-Play Tips

Perhaps the most complex view is in-play tips. These are tips made right in the course of the match. You should have a good knowledge of the sport, to make the best bet you can. When you see a good in-play tips, compare it with other forecasts and with your knowledge of the sport, only then bet.

You will make your decision faster if you know for sure that your chosen expert has a tips accuracy of over 60%. Thus, there are two features that will help:

  • Your own good knowledge of football
  • Confidence in a sports analyst who has already proven successful with earlier forecasts

How do our experts make their tips?

Our experts are analyzing:

  • Statistics on all team performances and all championships
  • News: coaching decisions, transfers, injuries, disqualifications, etc
  • Wins and losses in the last 6-12 meetings
  • Individual player skills and teamwork, etc.

To create the most accurate sure soccer tips, our experts check a large amount of information. Anything related to soccer clubs is recorded. In this way, hints for bettors get the maximum chance of potential winnings. Thanks to many years of experience, the experts can give a close to reality forecast.

We take into account that the favorites do not always win. Although it is a relatively safe strategy, but not the most profitable one. Our goal is to find the most profitable bets for Nigerian bettors, taking into account all statistics and odds of betting shops.

We recommend cross-comparison of bettors from different experts, both from our website and others. This will help you choose safe, profitable and sure bets. For our part, we make every effort to ensure that our tips are as accurate as possible. So, you dey go flex olingo!

Do you have football specialists by league at BSN?

Of course, our analysts mainly specialize in separate football leagues. This is due to the fact that really good knowledge can be achieved by focusing on one thing — for example, the Bundesliga, the Premier League of England or La Liga.

Let’s show it by example of the volume of broadcasts. The rights to cover the English Premier League are held by three companies:

  • Sky Sports — 128 Live Matches
  • BT Sport — 52 Live Matches
  • Amazon Prime — 20 Live Matches

Three companies also have the rights to broadcast the Bundesliga:

  • Sky Deutschland — 263 Live Matches
  • Eurosport (DAZN in Germany and Austria from 2019) — 40 Live Friday Night Matches
  • ZDF — 3 Live Matches (MD1 (first match), 17 and 18), plus Supercup

The rest of the world’s football leagues have about the same number of matches, with an average of 260–300+ events per season. One football meeting lasts about 120 minutes plus 30 minutes extra time in some cases.

As we can see, if an expert wants to understand the subject, he or she will not be able to physically watch all the matches that are broadcast on television. Add more time for analytics and making today soccer prediction tips to that!

Therefore, our experts specialize in top leagues, so they follow no more than 2-3 championships at most. That’s why we get the best football tips!

How to bet on football tips?

Nigerian bettors have two options: online and offline. After reading our tips and doing your own analysis, you make a decision. Then you open an online website or go to a betting agent.

If you bet online, you can spend more time for the first time, because you have to register and be verified on the website. But then you make all your bets very quickly, especially inplay. It is worth the time spent on the start!

In fact, modern offices offer very simple registration, just through e-mail. You should just pay attention to the new bookies that make registration as easy as possible compared to traditional Nigerian offices.

So, the algorithm is:

  1. Using our best tips today, you open the website of the bookmaker’s office
  2. Pick a line for the event
  3. Enter the event in bet slip
  4. Waiting for the results of the football match.

If you put it offline, in betting shop… Well, it eliminates the questions of registration on the site, registration of bank accounts, fees for bank deposits, withdrawals, etc… However, we still recommend to pay attention to online. Betting on websites provides more profitable options, bonuses, interesting entertainments. Also, you instantly make bets right in the course of the event! And everyone knows that in live betting you can’t delay.

What Saturday football tips do we offer?

Saturday is the day when a lot of matches of different leagues are played. On other days football clubs prefer to hold fewer meetings. If there are matches, they are not very important.

That is why we offer more football tips on Saturday than on weekdays. The most common are the accumulators that can potentially turn 10 Nairas into 1,000 or more!

Saturday matches are usually posted on Friday night or Saturday morning. That way, you will have time to think about which bet is best for you to choose and on what.

We provide Saturday soccer betting tips on:

  • English Premier League
  • Spanish Primera Division
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga
  • Russian Premier League
  • USL Championship
  • Nigerian Professional Football League, etc.

Click on the tag of the desired league and find out everything about its events. You will see a list of the most popular tips from our experts on different markets for your favorite league.

What about weekend football betting tips?

Of course, soccer matches are also held on other days! The second busiest day by the number of events is Sunday. So we provide daily bet tips for all weekend matches:

  • starting with the earliest English League Championship matches on Saturday
  • ending with the late meetings of Spanish Segunda Division and Copa America on Sunday

With our help you can choose single or accumulator bets to any desired market. By the way, what about other sports? We have basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, UFC, etc. for weekend events.

Most Popular Football Tips Today

Which ones tips are better to choose? It depends on your betting strategy, but in most cases you should pay attention to the most popular ones. If they are approached by many bettors, it makes sense, ba?

You can choose these sure bet tips:

  • 1st Half Asian Handicap — with a leg up for the first half of the match
  • 1st Half Goal-line — number of goals in 1 half
  • 1×2 (outright) — victory or draw in the match
  • Asian Handicap for an underdog
  • BTTS (both teams to score)
  • Clean Sheet — the team gets 0 goals, i.e. it has a super-reliable goalkeeper
  • Correct Score
  • Double Chance — on two outcomes: victory + draw
  • Draw No Bet is a victory for one of the two teams, without a draw
  • First Goalscorer
  • Goal Line — total number of goals in the match
  • Half Time Correct Score
  • Half Time Result
  • Half Time/Full Time — goals scored in both the first and second half of the match
  • Half with most goals — in which half of the match there are more goals
  • Result and BTTS
  • Score in both halves
  • Total Goals (under 2.5 goals are the most popular)
  • Win to Nil — match type 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, etc.

Some of these bets are safer and offer stable income. Some of them are highly risky, although if lucky, they make a lot of money. We recommend choosing safe ones and forming single or accumulator bets from them. This way you have a better chance of winning. Safe betting includes all kinds of totals, double outcomes and asian handicaps.

In any case, you should have a very good understanding not only of football, but also of your favorite teams. The more knowledge and analytics you have, the better your chances of winning!

In addition, we recommend that you only spend free money. Bets should not become the meaning of life! It is clear that we all have fun and hope when betting on sports, and it makes us play more. But still, do this to increase the safety of yourselves and your families:

  • Bet on free money only
  • Never play on credit
  • Choose reliable bookmakers


Should you pay for football tips?

No, you shouldn’t pay for football tips in Nigeria. Of course, experts and professional cappers spend their time and work a lot on the right forecasts. But tips never come true in all 100% of cases. Sad truth.

If an analyst has 60% correct forecasts, he is considered as a good expert. Are you ready to lose 4 out of 10, or even more? Notably the paid capper has already taken considerable money for all 10 tips?

We recommend you to use free football tips from different experts, as well as to analyze the matches by yourself. The joint calculations increase the probability of winning.

Can you make money from betting on football?

In some cases, you can make money from betting on football. If you choose the safest strategies, if you know soccer very well and if you know how to use it, you can generate more or less stable income.

However, remember that betting is a game of chance. You may be haunted by a losing streak, which can have a big impact on your budget. Try to think sober and leave the cash pile for insurance as much as possible in Nigeria.

How do you pick a winning football bet?

You pick a winning football bet after a thorough analysis of the championship, participating clubs and the match itself. You can trust an expert who has already proved his professionalism with previous forecasts. Then combine it with your own analysis. In this case, you have every chance to take the winning bet.

How do I win a soccer bet every time?

Unfortunately, there is no way to male every football bet the winning one. It’s too complex process with too many. Even the weather affects a soccer match! How do you guess 100% of the cases?!

Although, you can get number of winning bets close to the maximum. This is possible thanks to a thorough analysis of your favorite sport. The second way to make good money in the future is to reduce the number of costs. Do not spend money on paid or too fabulous forecasts. Allocate your budget wisely between bets on different events.

When are our football tips published?

We place our free football betting tips in the evening before or the morning of the event. This way, you get the latest information and have the opportunity to think carefully about placing a bet at the same time. Check our website regularly for the latest free betting tips today.