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Betting Bonuses

Bets in Nigeria have long been part of the betting culture but on a smaller scale. But as the internet develops and mobile penetration increases, so do internet betting. Today, many different bookies’ sites offer fixed and “live” odds on sports events around the world. Some also provide both online and online casino betting in Nigeria.

Today you will learn about the best bonus offers from Nigerian bookmakers, as well as the terms and conditions of receiving them. The site will help you to understand all the advantages of the most popular Bet Bonuses.

Betting Bonus for Nigerian Players — Update 2020

200% up to 1st deposit!
  • Very Ηigh odds on football
  • Great live betting session
  • Excellent promotions and fast payout

The most popular Betting Bonus Offers for players

To look more profitable against the background of competitors, most Nigerian online bookmakers offer their players various incentives. Someone gives a welcome bonus for registering without a deposit (money for free bets), someone gives a gift for downloading and installing the application, someone accrues an initial premium on your first deposit, someone runs loyalty programs.


Many gaming companies are represented as cashback bonus, which means that if you bet and lose, you get the same amount back in the kind of a gift that you can use to make a stake on a new game. The cashback is similar to the free spins in Nigeria, which you can get as an online casino player. You can get a back bonus of both asses for a new player, or as recurring sports betting bonus, either once every Saturday or similarly. In the event of a recurring gift, you will only receive back a portion of the amount, usually between 10 and 30 percent, of the amount you lose during that day or the period during which the bonus is applied.


Bookmakers also give rewards to players who making a new deposit. Usually, these bonuses are used to a particular match or event and are referred to as reload bonuses. One more variation of promo is that if a player bets on an event, he can get the same amount in the bonus points to increase the chances of winning by adding another game. Some bookies also provides regular clients with sports bonuses called risk-free or free bets. It means that you get the amount from an online gaming company with no deposit requirements, which can be used to play at any match or other event.


This kind of bonus is offered as freebie for the first stake. Sure, it is loved by the most significant part of the bookie’s site users. This kind of reward make the sports betting without investment truly accessible. The promo benefits also that this freebie is accrued without verification, immediately after registration. A detailed terms and conditions of each promo you can read on the bookmaker’s official website. After you learn the terms and requirements, you can select the bonus that fits you the most.


This bonus offer is credited after you have verified your identity and made a deposit. The awarded amount often depends precisely on the amount of the first deposit. The first deposit bonus can be offered as either a freebie or a cache bonus, requiring a wager. The “money bonus” differs from free bet in that it is easier to perceive it as real money. In essence, in case of free betting, the user gets at his disposal only the sum of net winnings (without the amount of free bet). And in case of deposit bonus after fulfilment of requirements for withdrawal, player can cash out whole the amount. This kind of bonus is the most popular type of reward, a sort of gift: it can be given as a bookmaker’s welcome bonus to new clients or as a regular reward for active players. Free bettes at gaming sites represent a certain amount for placing a free bet. If the player wins this bet, he receives only net winnings in his game account minus the amount of the freebie received. These funds can be used both to continue the game and for withdrawal. The duration of the reward, as well as the conditions for the removal of winnings from it in different companies, are usually different.


The cash bonus must be wagerable before you can withdraw funds from your account. Its amount often depends on the amount of the first funds transaction to the game account. The wagering time is limited and subject to the rules of the promotion. Attempts to withdraw a portion of the funds before the wagering conditions are fully met may result in sanctions against the gaming account. Bookmakers accrue these cash rewards to both new and existing players. You can find out which bookmakers offer such bonuses to newcomers in the list above.


Bonuses under the loyalty program require already playing at a distance. It will not be possible to get it quickly. Still, every new player of a bookmakers, having familiarize himself with the loyalty program, can also become a participant of the program and start to fulfil the conditions of this program already at the start.


Some bookmakers use a conditional internal currency, which can be equated to the real money in the office. When a player accumulates a certain amount of such marks or points (different bookmakers have different ways of exchanging them for real money or any prizes under the promotion terms). Other betting companies under such loyalty programs may offer increased betting limits, higher odds or other preferences to loyal customers.

The best betting offers

Free bonuses for registration on a bookmaker’s website are one of the most effective tools to attract users. Any beginner can easily be interested in such gifts, which with some luck and due skill, will increase the deposit. What is more, a newly baked bettor with the help of bonus offers will be able to train in sports betting and gain some experience. So welcome free bet bonuses attract many users, because such an offer can set an excellent start to the betting process. Here, a  you will find a list of best bookmakers, which offer the most profitable bonuses, including freebet.

Bonuses for new and existing clients at bookmaker’s website 2020

There are several bonuses for new and professional users, namely: Return of bet or bet without risk – a reasonably common bonus that bookmakers offer to both existing and new customers. The essence of it is that if you lose one of your bets – the bookmaker will reimburse you the amount of this real bet. That is, in fact, you get a chance to make a win-win bet. Some betting offices offer their new clients a bonus on their first deposit, which is often equal to 100% of its size but limited to a certain amount. The freebet bonus allows a new player to make any bet (or even several) free. If such a chance is played, the number of net winnings will fall on the player’s main account, i.e., minus the amount of the freebet itself. The size of the freebie bonus is determined by the bookmaker and stipulated in the rules of the bookmaker.